Online Bible Study

Thunder in the Holy Land

Create relationships and build connection even in the middle of stay at home orders with an online Bible study that requires guided discussion with a Bible coach or a member. Using the Thunder in the Holy Land video series you can start a personal study or regular small group discussion between a trained Bible coach from your church and your community.


Content: (26) 30-minute episodes

Lessons Included: YES! Free Online

Author: Pastor Charles Byrd/QuestLine Productions

Difficulty: Easy to run with a basic knowledge of Zoom

Who is this for?

Thunder offers churches looking to connect with their community an easy, online study that can be led by a volunteer or Bible worker.

Thunder in the Holy Land will intrigue people curious about faith from an intellectual standpoint. For some of us the heart is an open door to our faith, but for many this pursuit starts in the brain. This series will appeal to those interested in the science behind these discoveries, apologetics, and the beautiful cinematography found on each video.


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Step 1: Acquire Your Content

Order the Thunder in the Holy Land DVD series (or thumbdrive). QuestLine Productions offers free study guides that can be printed or sent to people in your study as a PDF. The license for this program allows for you to use it as an online study or and they offer followup Bible study guides for free.

Order DVD series (or thumbdrive) »

Order study guides »

Step 2: Setup Your Delivery Method

For this recipe we recommend a Zoom meeting.

Zoom meetings are free up to 40 minutes. Or if you want to offer more flexibility and have unlimited duration you can upgrade to Pro. To learn more about Zoom, visit their pricing page at

Once you have your account you'll need to set up a meeting. For a quick tutorial, watch pastor Shane Anderson as he explains setup for his church members (watch here). Each leader will want to watch the video and quickly learn how to screen share, utilize breakout sessions, and set up a poll.

We've also written an article about Zoom meetings »

Step 3: Think Through Interactions

Each Bible coach may want to find their own methods. Here are our recommendations...

Questline provides studies for each video lesson.

  1. Share a PDF copy with each student (whether solo or in a group).
  2. Screen share your copy of the lesson and use Zoom's Annotations if necessary.
  3. Pre-build any polls or questions you want to ask using the polls system. (optional)
  4. Setup the time for your next meeting while finishing up.

    TIP: We recommend you prepare a small introduction and a ice breaker question to start engaging everyone and creating connection.

Step 4: Consider Your Decisions

As a Bible study decisions will come naturally and often through questions and answers. Always review the material ahead of time to prepare for the study you are about to watch.

Step 5: Start Your Marketing

You have everything in place to promote your study.

Bible studies can be promoted online (Facebook/Instagram/Google) or by using Bible study card mailers

Step 6: Keep Track of Attendance

Keeping track of interests is easy.

SermonView offers free software for your whole church with their online InterestTracker™ platform. InterestTracker will allow each Bible coach to see the people they are working with and allow you the ability to see how and when they interacted with their people. Getting started with InterestTracker is free and easy. Sign up today and you'll find a complete tutorial section in the "help" tab.

Step 7: Plan Your Follow-up

Thunder in the Holy Land is a great way to engage people, build trust, and gain interest in Adventist beliefs. You can continue the study group after Thunder ends, however we also recommend planning a reaping series 4-6 months after you start this program in order to continue the journey for your new interests.

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Recipe Notes

To those whom He encountered, Jesus' teachings were like a mighty Thunderstorm. His words and accompanying actions were so compelling that the reverberations are still felt by those living today. Take this opportunity to join hundreds of churches that have joined the Thunder team as they explore ancient ruins and exotic locations to showcase the validity of the Bible and its teachings. This visual Bible study is like nothing you've ever seen. 

Want to see a sample of the videos for this recipe? The first two episodes are available online for your review. Visit Questline Productions Website Now!

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