Proclaim the Good News in Your Community

Your church was born for a moment like this. Now is the time to use this wave of interest to reach your community with the Everlasting Gospel. Let’s join together. Will you commit to doing something for evangelism this fall?

In the midst of a global pandemic, economic calamity and social unrest, people have questions.

In 2020, searches in North America for End Times, Book of Revelation, and End of the World have spiked, with some terms 5x higher than in the previous 5 years. More impressively, searches for the term Second Coming have spiked to their highest level in over a decade. In the midst of a global health pandemic, economic crisis and social unrest, people in your community right now have questions. The Bible has answers. Will you commit to doing something this fall to share the Everlasting Gospel in your community?

The Evangelism Pledge

By the grace of God, I pledge to do something this fall to share the Everlasting Gospel in my community.

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