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The Appearing

This five-part series covers Bible prophecy, current world events, and the end times. Each session features a video experience from Shawn Boonstra, followed by group discussion lead by a local moderator. Your guests will explore the myths and will see incredible signs from today's news pointing to a coming cataclysmic event.

Content: (5) 20-30-minute episodes

Lessons Included: YES! In the Church Campaign Edition

Author: Pastor Shawn Boonstra, Voice of Prophecy

Difficulty: Easy to run with a basic knowledge of Zoom

How It Works:

Each session begins with a 30-minute video from Pastor Boonstra, in a documentary format that meets the high standards modern audiences expect. Each video is followed by a guided discussion led by the pastor or a local church elder, giving you an opportunity to personally connect with your guests.


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Step 1: Acquire Your Content

Voice of Prophecy produces high-quality video series and has packaged them into Church Campaign Editions for a simple way to purchase everything you need to run the series within one product. Plus, their license allows for online studies when you purchase a Church Campaign Edition and run the series as a private event.

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Step 2: Set up Your Delivery Method

For this evangelism recipe, we recommend Zoom.

Zoom meetings are free up to 40 minutes, or if you want to offer more flexibility and have unlimited duration, you can upgrade to Zoom Pro. To learn more about Zoom, visit their pricing page at Once you have your account set up, you'll need to set up a meeting. For a quick tutorial on how to properly set up a meeting, watch Pastor Shane Anderson as he explains how to set up Zoom to his church members.

For an added level of interaction, you may want to create breakout sessions with a group leader. Zoom allows you to pre-build rooms from interests to ensure you have one to two leaders in each room. Click here to learn more about breakout sessions. Make sure each leader is familiar with basic interactive elements in Zoom such as screen share, or polling for meetings.

We've also written an article about Zoom Meetings that you can check out »

Step 3: Think Through Interactions

Each leader may want to find their own methods, but here are our recommendations for connecting through Zoom.

The Voice of Prophecy provides studies for each video lesson.

  1. Share a PDF copy with each student (whether solo or in a group).
  2. Screen share your copy of the lesson and use Zoom's Annotations if necessary.
  3. Pre-build any polls or questions you want to ask using the polls system. (optional)
  4. Regroup and talk about the next time you’ll meet with a teaser about the upcoming information.

USEFUL TIP: We recommend you prepare a small introduction and an ice breaker question to start engaging everyone and creating connection.

Step 4: Order Supplies and Marketing

As a guided study, decisions will come naturally and often through questions and answers. Always review the material ahead of time to prepare for the study you are about to watch.

Step 5: Start Your Marketing

You have everything in place to promote your series.

This Series can be promoted online (Facebook/Instagram/Google) or by using Jumbo card mailers.

SermonView Evangelism Marketing offers online marketing campaigns that match this blueprint. »

Looking to add a mailing campaign? Seminars Unlimited offers great mailing options that will help. »

Step 6: Keep Track of Attendance

Keeping track of interests is easy.

SermonView offers free software for your whole church with their online InterestTracker™ platform. Their AttendanceTracker module will allow you to receive registrations and have them check in each night with reminders from their automated system. InterestTracker will allow each small group leader to see the people they are working with in their group and make note of any additional interactions. Getting started with InterestTracker is free and easy. Sign up today and you'll find a complete tutorial section in the "help" tab.

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Step 7: Plan Your Follow-Up

The Appearing is a great way to pique interest in end time prophecy in your community and gain interest in Adventist beliefs. You can invite your guests to an online study group after the series ends, however, we also recommend planning a reaping series 4-6 months after you start this program in order to continue the journey for your new interests.
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Recipe Notes

In this all-new version of The Appearing, Shawn Boonstra takes a closer look at the ancient prophecies of the Bible and pieces together a startling but undeniable picture of last-day events that may come as a surprise to many viewers. This series utilizes the precision of Bible prophecy to present a hope-filled and encouraging biblical view about the Second Coming of Christ—and it will take your breath away!

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