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Forecasting Hope

Forecasting Hope is a co-sponsored event between Chesapeake Conference and SermonView Evangelism Marketing. Pastor David Klinedinst, Evangelism and Church Growth Director for the Chesapeake Conference, will be preaching a Christ-centered, relational, and hope-filled series of messages that will appeal to the hearts of those filled with fear and anxiety. Each message will use the SermonView suite of technology ensuring that local churches do not have to run their own technology.

Content: (23) 50-minute presentations

Cost: $495 for the basic technology and content suite

Author: Pastor David Klinedinst, Evangelism and Church Growth Director for the Chesapeake Conference

Difficulty: EASY! This requires low investment and no internal technology from a church

Who is this for?

Forecasting Hope is perfect for churches that see the value of a fall evangelism series, but have little time to sort out the technology or create the message.

This series will be pre-recorded within days of broadcast, and will feel as if it is live. SermonView’s technology platform will give you immediate access to registrants, attendees, and requests that happen during the meeting.


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Step 1: Register to Participate

Because Forecasting Hope is a turn-key evangelism solution, all you need to do is register to participate. Registration is $495 or waived with a marketing package of $1,500 or more from SermonView.

Register Now at »

Step 2: Set Up InterestTracker

If you haven't use InterestTracker before, it is a great program to learn. It has been designed from the ground up to serve churches as they monitor the interactions with new interests and guests. InterestTracker is free, but a paid module for attendance tracking (AttendanceTracker) comes FREE with the registration (a $299 value) and will be added by the team at SermonView. A SermonView team member will contact you shortly after you register to get your church set up and walk you through the program.

Set up your account now at »

Step 3: Download the Manual

When churches sign up for Forecasting Hope they receive a downloadable manual that discusses the recommended visitation and connection strategy. All of this is up to you, but makes for a good basis for how you will proceed with your interests.

Log in or register on, and click on Order Resources »

Step 4: Order Supplies and Marketing

The best way to encourage guests from around your area to participate in Forecasting Hope is through marketing. SermonView is providing the online marketing and small mailer packages. Seminar’s Unlimited is offering larger mailer support for churches that have additional budget. Packages start at under $2,000 and include the $495 registration fee.

Pastor David will also be recommending a few books during this series. Each book is designed to increase engagement with you and the guests by giving you a reason to mail them something.

See all three books and order your copies from »

Step 5: Keep Track of Attendance

During Forecasting Hope, all guests will be asked to check-in through a custom check in page. This link will be sent nightly to the guests by automated reminder emails and texts. When a guest checks in they will get marked as attending in your InterestTracker account in real-time. You can pull reports or communicate with guests that missed a given night.

SermonView will be providing simple-to-follow demonstrations of the entire platform to all registered churches. Demonstrations will start in September after enrollment is complete.

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Recipe Notes

Designed to run like a modern Net meeting, Forecasting Hope is an online, multi-night evangelism series that runs October 9 through November 2. This series is designed to answer questions and dig into biblical truths without the need for fancy technology run by your church. Built in the midst of COVID-19, this Christ-centered, relational and hope-filled series of messages will appeal to the hearts of those filled with fear and anxiety.
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